Entrance tickets

Together with the regulations for the maximum of daily visitors, the INC has also implemented some changes with regards to the entrance tickets and prices. Instead of offering the normal all around entrance ticket for Machu Picchu as they did before, now there are several different entrance tickets giving you access to the different parts of the site.

After the celebration for the “discovering” of Machu Picchu 100 years ago, the INC (Peruvian National Cultural Institute) under impulse of (now ex) President Garcia, decided that it was time to implement a daily number of 2500 visitors to the site. In case of doing this with a transitional system the INC did this from one day to the next and hence created a ton of problems for the visitors during the months of July and August. In any case as the INC did not feel like providing the general public with much information we hereby will try to give you the last information regarding.