Machu Picchu Weather; best time of the year to visit?

As with many once in a lifetime – bucket lists destinations, one wants to make sure the conditions are optimal to enjoy the wonder you are about to visit. As with other destinations for Machu Picchu it is not that easy to pin down the exact best time of year to visit. First of all Machu Picchu is located in the Cloud Forest and hence enjoys its typical and highly fluctuating climate. Cloud forests are often found as a transition zone between the highlands and low jungle and therefore enjoy a little of both. As the name already reveals cloud forests for a large part of the day are shrouded in low hanging clouds caused by the humidity of the jungle on one side and the colder winds from the highlands on the other. Temperatures in general are very agreeable and can even be quite hot when the sun comes through. Humidity levels are always quite high. When it comes to rain the main rule is that for Machu Picchu it can rain on any given day throughout the year. Nevertheless there are basically two seasons during which the chances on rain are higher or lower. The rainy (or better said; green) season runs from November through March and the dry season from April through October. The first and last months of each season are of course transitions months. In general January and February are the wettest months and July and Augusts the driest. In July and August temperatures are also the lowest on average.

Maximum temperatures do not differ much during the year; around 22ºC (71ºF) but during June through August night temperatures can sometimes drop to 10ºC (50ºF). For a lot of days, also in the dry season, Machu Picchu starts the day covered in clouds which gives it an even more mysterious feel and ads up to the experience. These clouds will disappear during the day and reappear later again. Sometimes the clouds are rushed over the ridge Machu Picchu is located on by the winds and this provides another beautiful spectacle, especially seen from higher points. Tis often happens in the transition months and green season during which there are less visitors, another more than valid consideration for planning your Machu Picchu trip.